Going up with the chairlift to the exceptional panoramic point of Sella Brunech (2428 metres) you reach a plateau surrounded by the Dolomites and the wonderful wooden works of art by the artist Marco Nones.

Using recycled wood from ancient huts of the area, Marco Nones has created nine unlikely seats, which spark cheerfulness in visitors and enrich the surrounding natural environment.

There are nine thrones and benches to try: from the bench for a checkered tan, which consists of a wooden chessboard and a throne, to the happy bench and the uncomfortable thrones. But also the napping throne, the VIP area with the chaise longue, the bench for lovers and other fun seats.

We are waiting for you at high altitude to have fun and take some beautiful pics on your favorite throne!


Marco Nones

Marco Nones is an Italian-Swiss artist, born in Rheinfelden on 19 February 1966, who now lives and works in Val di Fiemme, among the Dolomites of Trentino.

Performer and exponent of environmental art, he has received awards and won competitions, including the Expo Milano 2015 – Triulza Foundation award.

Among the materials that Marco Nones prefers there are fir tree resin, wood, roots, bee honeycombs, wax, ice, lichens, wood charcoal, wool and earth.