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Winter 2017-18 will bring many new features to the Ciampac ski area in Alba di Canazei. Works, started just after the end of the 2016-17 ski season in May, have taken place across 3 sites: one to replace the “Alba-Ciampac” cable car with a new generation D-Line Doppelmayr with automatic opening and closing, one to shorten and renew the “Ciampac-Sella Brunech” chairlift, and the third to reposition and upgrade the “Roseal-Giumela” lift.

Val di Fassa will be the first place in Italy to feature the new Doppelmayr technology, manufactured only in Austria, with 205 new improvements, 31 innovations, and 14 patents, which means greater comfort and speed for the “Alba-Ciampac” cable car, and less noise and vibration, for a first class service.

The 41 10-seater cabins, which will be able to carry 2,000 people per hour, have a new design with elegant finishes, more legroom, including skis, and a wider and more comfortable seat – the bench seating is 46cm deep, while the cabin is 2.66m long and 2.2m high. All this reflects the desire to offer a better service, which will take guests to the slopes of the Panorama Ski Tour in under 6 minutes, providing an increasingly efficient link between the Buffaure, Ciampac, and Belvedere ski areas and the Sellaronda. For fans of adrenaline-fuelled fun, the new cable car will also be an excuse to put yourself to the test on the “Ciampac-Alba” black run, always popular to do in one go.

But the innovation isn’t just confined to the mountains – there are also new features in the Ciampac hollow, where the training slope has been enlarged, offering different ways to learn for first-time skiers. The “Delle Baite” ski lift with its blue piste has the “Ciampac-Sella Brunech” four-seater chairlift with automatic opening and closing running alongside, has been shortened to increase its hourly capacity, and modernised to be more suitable for children. The addition of a magic carpet children’s lift to enable entry to and exit from the seats, as well as the insertion of a non-slip bar for the greater safety of the seats’ smallest occupants, means that the uphill journey is much more reliable. Furthermore, the red piste serving this chairlift has been made more suitable for beginners.

To improve skiing in the highest parts of the Ciampac ski area, the cable cars running from the hollow have been simplified, as has the difference in the difficulties of the downhill slopes linked to the respective lifts. The former “Roseal” two-seater chairlift has been overhauled – repositioned to reach, starting from the same place, the highest and most panoramic point of the area, at 2,428m altitude. Replaced with a four-poster lift with automatic opening and closing, the new “Roseal-Giumela” connects Ciampac with Val Jumela with a capacity of 2,200 people/hour.

More and more technology to create fun for mountain-lovers: the Ciampac ski area, Alba di Canazei and the Val di Fassa are not scared of advances in technology – rather, they take every opportunity to upgrade and to use the latest technology and design in their facilities.

The new “D-line Doppelmayr” cable car certainly brings more benefits, with fewer queues, greater speed and comfort, for an efficient link within the Panorama Ski Tour and towards the Sellaronda. A vision of a future with more and more links and the ability to move with your skis on.

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