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Catinaccio Ski Area

The 2,000-metre-high Ciampedie plateau is at the centre of Catinaccio Rosengarten, known as “the rose garden”, and is reachable by cable car from Vigo di Fassa or via the chairlifts from Pera di Fassa. From here you can admire the mountains of the Sassolungo, Sella, Marmolada, and Sasso Vernale ranges, the Costabella ridge, Buffaure, Monzoni, and Vallaccia.

Ciampedie is full of facilities that make it ideal for families: the large playground is popular with tourists, thanks to the useful service offered by the Vigo di Fassa Ski School, which allows you to leave your children in safe hands.


Catinaccio Ski Area

Situated at an altitude of 2,100 metres, Pra Martin is the highest point in the Catinaccio Ski Area and offers great views over the entire Val di Fassa, the Rosengarten massif and the Lagorai range.

In winter you can reach it on skis thanks to the Pian Pecei-Pra Martin Ski Lift, a modern four-person ski lift with automatic opening and closing.

Pra Martin is the starting point for the main ski slopes in the Catinaccio Ski Area: the Thöni piste that descends to Vigo di Fassa, the Alberto Tomba piste – which is named after the champion from Bologna who trained for his many victories at Ciampedie – the fun Pra Martin piste, and the easiest of all, the Cigolade piste.


Buffaure Ski Area

In the heart of the Panorama Ski Tour, it’s the highest point of the Buffaure ski area in Pozza di Fassa. From here you have a unique 360° view of the Fassa Dolomites, a special viewpoint over the Val San Nicolò and the majestic Marmolada, not forgetting the Rosengarten massif.

The downhill skiing on the Vulcano black run towards the valley is the finale for this panoramic trip.  And for freestyle-lovers, a jump at the Buffaure Snowpark is a must.


Ciampac Ski Area

Sella Brunéch, in the Ciampac ski area, is an exceptional viewpoint, from which it’s possible to take in the south face of the Marmolada from a unique position.

Once you reach the top, skiers have two options: the breathtaking descent that ends in Alba di Canazei, around 5km away, or the unforgettable tour along the Val Jumela, from which you can decide whether to continue to the Buffaure area, to explore the Panorama Ski Tour, or to return using the modern Orsa Maggiore ski lift.


Skiarea Ciampac

The Ciampac ski area begins at an altitude of 2,160 metres and is reachable using the new cable car from Alba di Canazei. This natural hollow will take your breath away, thanks to its views towards the simply enchanting Sella massif.

From Ciampac there are different kinds of slopes suitable for every level of skiing, from the absolute beginner to the more experienced. The area is perfect for families as it gives you the ability to get together for lunch in the cosy traditional lodge in the hollow.


Belvedere Ski Area

Situated 2,382 metres up, this is an excellent spot to admire the Marmolada glacier, which seems almost close enough to touch. Further west you can enjoy views of the Sella massif with its spectacular pinnacles and the Sasso Pordoi with the Dolomite terrace easily reached by the same cable car; further on you can see the Sassolungo massif and the Col Rodella.

The view over the Ciampac black run to the east of the Colac is spectacular; meanwhile, further south, you can see the Gran Vernel towering over the Val Contrin. From Col dei Rossi you can also access the entire Belvedere Ski Area.


Passo Pordoi Ski AreaLezuo chairlift

You arrive at the Col de Cuch viewpoint via the Lezuo chairlift in the Passo Pordoi Ski Area, which connects the Arabba to the Canazei area, or the Valle di Fodom with the Val di Fassa, one of the Sellaronda’s main routes. This means that the view is doubly magnificent, as you can see both of the great valleys from this peak.



One of those places that shows off the majesty of nature and the immensity of the sky, the most incredible natural terrace in the Dolomites is reached via the modern cable car from Pordoi Pass that rapidly climbs 2,950m in 4 minutes to reach the summit.

With some of the delicious traditional dishes from the Maria Lodge in front of you, you can enjoy the most beautiful peaks of the Val di Fassa, such as the Marmolada, the Catinaccio, and the Sassolungo. The Dolomites Terrace has been an international tourist destination for many years. In winter you can reach it via the famous “Sellaronda” slopes.


Campitello di Fassa

The Col Rodella is also known as the panoramic balcony of the Dolomites. It’s easily reached with the modern cable car from Campitello, which reaches an altitude of 2,485 metres, and from this sensational spot it seems almost possible to touch the Sassolungo massif. 

To the right, the Sella massif and the Sass Pordoi are in front of you, leading to the pistes of the Belvedere ski area. The majestic Marmolada dominates this unique setting, together with the Rosengarten massif and the Val di Fassa below. From Col Rodella you can descend directly to the Sellaronda ski circuit.




Col Rodella - Ciampedie

The Panorama Ski Tour is by far the best route around the Val di Fassa. From any ski area you can start the tour in one of two directions, Yellow or Red, to enjoy a wonderful day of skiing amongst magnificent views of the Dolomites’ most famous peaks.

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Belvedere Ski Area

The most panoramic ski tour in the Dolomites, also known as the “pink tour”.

Following the fuchsia signs you arrive at Passo Pordoi, and it takes only a few minutes by cable car to reach the Terrace of the Dolomites, 2,950 metres up. The Maria lodge greets you with a friendly atmosphere where, while relaxing, you can enjoy the smells of our cuisine and 360° views of the Dolomites, a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Belvedere Ski Area Tour is suitable for everyone and enjoyment is guaranteed!


Val Gardena - Alta Badia - Arabba - Val di Fassa

This is a ski circuit around the four Dolomite passes within the Sella massif, considered one of the most beautiful and spectacular in the world.

The tour can easily be done in a single day touching the feet of the four Ladin valleys: Val Gardena, Alta Badia, Arabba, and Val di Fassa. It can be done in one of two directions, starting from any one of the four valleys: going clockwise the signs are orange, and anti-clockwise they’re green.

It covers a total distance of 40km, of which 26 are made up of ski slopes. The Sellaronda is accessible by skiers of medium skiing ability.


Val di Fassa - Arabba - Alta Badia - Val Gardena

This is a ski circuit around the four Dolomite passes within the Sella massif, considered one of the most beautiful and spectacular in the world.

Following the green signs, the Sellaronda tour can easily be done in a single day touching the feet of the four Ladin valleys: Val Gardena, Alta Badia, Arabba, and Val di Fassa. It can be done in one of two directions, starting from any one of the four valleys: going clockwise the signs are orange, and anti-clockwise they’re green.

It covers a total distance of 40km, of which 26 are made up of ski slopes. The Sellaronda is accessible by skiers of medium/high skiing ability.




Catinaccio Ski Area

The Italian champion’s open-air training gym, the Alberto Tomba piste is ideal for the most proficient skiers to test their skills on a world-class slope.

The great champion has trained in Ciampedie for many years, to the delight of many enthusiastic skiers and fans. The run is about 1km long.

The great champion has been training for many years at the Ciampedie, making many enthusiastic skiers and fans extremely happy. The track is about 1km long.


Belvedere Ski Area

If you want to ski with Pozza di Fassa’s World Cup athletes then this is the place to be. Home to numerous international competitions and training ground for many national teams from around the world, the Aloch piste is 1,128 metres long and has a maximum gradient of 47%.

And if you’re still not tired, you can experience the charm of night skiing right in the countryside…


Belvedere Ski Area

Over 2,000 metres long, with a maximum gradient of 58%, the Vulcano piste takes you all the way to Pozza di Fassa in a single plunge.

And if you want to stop there, you have a magnificent view of the Catinaccio.


Ciampac Ski Area

Situated at the foot of the Colac, the Ciampac piste is one of the most appealing runs in the Val di Fassa ski area, not only due to its numerous gradient changes but above all for its 3 km-long sheer descent that ends in Alba di Canazei.

It’s 650 metres high, with an average width of 38.50 metres, and an average 32% gradient that peaks at 56%. A state-of-the-art snowmaking system has been installed along the route, based on a new valley-to-mountain water supply system, which ensures a perfect snowy piste. In short, the Ciampac piste is an exciting run where you can put all your technical skills to the test.t.


Belvedere Ski Area

Nearly a km long and with an average gradient of 30%, the Diego piste in the Belvedere Ski Area, in Canazei, is an enjoyable run nestled in a unique setting, capable of satisfying even the most discerning skiers.




Belvedere Ski Area

Fun is guaranteed at the Buffaure Snowpark in Pozza di Fassa, thanks to its artificial snow and daily maintenance. For those who prefer to jump there are jumps of many different gradients and difficulty, as well as numerous Fun Boxes including, for Rail fans, various different kinds of Rails, Boxes, and Tubes to satisfy even the most discerning tastes.


Belvedere Ski Area

The Big Airbag is an enormous air mattress measuring 11x17 metres of pure adrenaline, equipped with a ramp perfectly built for spectacular jumps, aerial manoeuvres and soft landings.

It’s located in Val di Fassa, in the Belvedere Ski Area in Canazei. It’s impossible not to enjoy it!




Catinaccio Ski Area

The Ciampedie training slope is located within the Catinaccio Ski Area, and the ski area is suitable for all those who want to learn to ski.


Pera di Fassa

The Fraine ski school in Pera di Fassa is 300 metres long, with a starting point 1,382m high.

A blue run, accessible directly from the village of Pera di Fassa, served by a magic carpet (children’s lift) and a ski lift, is an ideal training slope for children and beginners. A nice training slope, not least because non-skier parents can see their children taking their first steps on skis.


Ciampac Ski Area

The “Delle Baite” training slope is strategically-placed and easily accessible, used by the Marmolada ski school in Canazei, and is ideal for those who are learning to ski.




Catinaccio Ski Area

A well-equipped area especially designed for families. There is a large Baby Park where children can be entrusted to the Vigo Ski School for skiing lessons and the Mini Club to have some fun. In addition to skiing, in fact, Ciampedie is also full of spaces to play. There is a fully-equipped playground for all our Ski School’s smallest guests, featuring inflatables, rides, slides, and a downhill rubber ring track.      

In addition to entrance to the Ciampedie Baby Park, children (accompanied by at least one parent) are supported by specialist staff: there are hours during which the youngest can enjoy activities and games especially designed for them, while older visitors can take the time to revive a little, in total relaxation. Everything you need to make your day even more fun and relaxing!


Pera di Fassa

Accessible directly from the village of Pera di Fassa, the “Le Fraine” training slope and baby park is served by a magic carpet (children’s lift) and a ski lift, and the training slope is ideal for children and beginners. Non-skiing parents can also see their children take their first ski steps along the 300 metres of this quiet piste.


Ciampac Ski Area

A beautiful snow playground designed for smaller children, accompanied by experts and attentive staff from the Marmolada Ski School.

The park is easily reached by cable car from Alba di Canazei and is located near the arrival station, beside the ski slopes. The Indian Village park makes the Ciampac Ski Area an ideal place for children.


Belvedere Ski Area

The snow playground is a well-equipped family park in the Belvedere Ski Area, in Canazei. Younger children are guaranteed to have fun here!