Besides skiing the Ciampac skiarea also gives you the chance to enjoy snowshoe trails

Two panoramic trails are now open:

  • The blue trail is easy and perfect for families - duration approx. 1 hour. It has a height difference of 50m and gives you the chance to enjoy a wonderful snowy panorama, with wooden bridges and the ice cave of Colac. This path features a number of slight rises and descents as well as numerous viewpoints. Click here to discover this path on Relive.
  • The red trail takes longer to walk and is more challenging. It is a downhill path (height difference of 100m) that will take you to a fairytale landscape with snow-covered pine trees and larches. You will arrive at the foot of Mount Colac, in a peaceful and quiet place with pretty wooden huts.

Obviously, you can cover both routes in a single day, with a loop of a couple of hours. Follow the information panels from the mountain station of the Ciampac cable car until you reach the paths, which are in a spectacular scenery with a breathtaking view of the Sella Group, of Piz Boè and Crepa Neigra 


Snowshoe rental:

  • Sport Walter - Alba e Canazei
  • La Zondra - Canazei
  • Northland - Canazei
  • Peak Sport – Canazei
  • Rightfeeling – Canazei