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The Val di Fassa Tour "par excellence". The tour can start in either direction, Yellow or Red, and from any ski area. You'll enjoy a magnificent day on your skis amid the breathtaking views of the most famous peaks of the Dolomites.

Yellow Tour (from Col Rodella to Ciampedie): After reaching Col Rodella from Campitello via cableway, you descend the Val Salei via the 3-Tre red piste as far as Pian Frataces. The gondola lift will take you to the Belvedere Ski Area, then it's down to Pecol where you can catch the cableway to Col dei Rossi and admire the Marmolada glacier right in front of you in all its grandeur.

The new Funifor ropeway will take you from Col dei Rossi to Alba, where you can then climb to the Ciampac Ski Area via cableway. Having reached Sella Brunech, you'll be able to enjoy a spectacular view of Punta Penia and the southern face of the Marmolada. From here, you descend the Val Jumela along a wide slope and take the Pala del Geiger chairlift to climb to an altitude of 2,354 m where the view of the Val Monzoni unfolds, with Punta Valacia, Cima Undici (Elferkofel) and Cima Dodici (Zwölferkofel) to the east.

This is the starting point for a long descent that takes you down the Valvacin red piste, which is about 1,640 metres long. As you ski, you'll be treated to a singular view of the Saslonch group, where the Sasso Piatto can also be admired. Near the end of the Valvacin slope, it's worth stopping to see the view of the famous Catinaccio/Rosengarten massif, right ahead of you. Depending on your technical skill, you can now choose the Panorama red piste or the recent Vulcano technical black piste down to Pozza di Fassa. A free shuttle will take you from Pozza to Pera in 5-10 minutes, to the start of the Vajolet1 chairlift. When you reach the end of the charlifts, you'll be at an altitude of 2,000 metres, in Ciampedie, also called "Campo di Dio" (or "Field of God"), a real "spectator terrace" over the Val di Fassa and the Dolomites, also famous for the extraordinary Vajolet Towers and the Catinaccio group. This is the ideal location for a relaxing break, since there are numerous lodges with terraces providing further magnificent all-round views of the Dolomites.

The Red Tour: from Ciampedie to Col Rodella The red tour starts at Vigo di Fassa. The Vigo-Ciampedie cableway takes you to the foot of the Catinaccio Group, At an altitude of 2,000 metres, Ciampedie, or "Field of God", offers a true "spectator terrace" over the Val di Fassa and the Dolomites, also famous for the extraordinary Vajolet Towers. Overwhelmed by the magnificent landscape, you descend the Prà Martin red piste to the chairlift of the same name.

Having reached the top, it's down again along the thrilling-as-it-is-challenging 4.5 km Thoeni slope from Prà Martin down to Vigo di Fassa: a "red" piste with a 700-metre altitude drop, wide curves and changes of slope inclination that's fun for all skiers. The regular ski shuttle buses between Vigo and Pozza take you to the pick-up point of the Buffaure gondola lift in 10-15 minutes. Here the tour proceeds on the four-seater Col de Valvacin chairlift, which takes tourists to an altitude of 2,354 metres and leaves them astounded by the amazing Punta Valacia, Cima Undici (Elferkofel) and Cima Dodici (Zwölferkofel). The tour proceeds to other vantage points in this magnificent panorama by descending the Pala del Geiger slope to the pick-up point of the four-seater Orsa Maggiore chairlift, which takes you back up, along the Val Jumela.

Having reached the top, you'll find yourself in Sella Brunech, where there's an outstanding view of the Sella group and the "pyramid" of Piz Boè. At this point, you'll face a long descent and a 902-metre altitude drop from the 2,419 metre altitude of Sella Brunech to the village of Alba at 1,517 metres. After covering the 1,700 metre Sella Brunech red piste, you reach the Ciampac plateau. This is where the famous Ciampac technical slope starts: a thrilling 2,800-metre black piste that will put your technical abilities to the test on changes of slope inclination ranging from 32% to 56%. When you reach Alba you can take the brand-new Funifor ropeway to Col dei Rossi. After a long descent, you'll reach Pian Frataces through the Belvedere ski area, taking the Kristiania slope No. 3 and by crossing the woods on the Del Bosco slope No. 6. From Pian Frataces you take the Pradel gondola lift to the Col Rodella ski area and peak of the same name, the point of arrival of our tour.